I charge a tuning fee of $85 for clients who live within a 30 mile driving distance of my home in Douglasville, GA (zip code: 30135). If you live farther, I am still happy to travel to service your piano, but I will need to add a nominal travel surcharge to your bill. This surcharge will be determined and explained when scheduling the initial appointment in order to avoid surprises.

Usually, if a piano has been tuned regularly and kept in a carefully climate-controlled space, a single tuning session may be sufficient to last for 6 – 12 months. However, on rare occasions, a piano is so out-of-tune that it requires a 2nd tuning to be done a couple of weeks later. My fee for a follow-up fine tuning, if needed, is $40.

A first-time tuning session typically takes 3 – 4 hours, as I make a lot of digital measurements of your piano in order to better diagnose and help thoroughly re-calibrate your instrument. (Regular, subsequent tunings usually require less time.) I also vacuum the piano before a session, as needed and as a complimentary service.

If I discover that any other repairs are needed, I will provide an estimate at the time of the tuning and before beginning any repairs. In circumstances in which a piano is beyond repair (a very rare situation), my fee for a service call with no work/tuning performed is $35.

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