Your piano can last a lifetime with regular maintenance. Located in Douglasville, Anglin Piano Tuning, LLC offers high-quality piano repair, reconditioning, maintenance and tuning throughout the Metro Atlanta area. Learn more about our full range of services!


Manufacturers typically recommend tuning a new – or recently restrung piano — four times during the first year and twice per year thereafter in order to counteract the effects of humidity on the pinblock and soundboard. During tuning, each string is adjusted so that all the notes sound perfectly when played – alone or together.


Keys stick, strings break, and hammers wear out. I take tools and parts to each service visit and can offer an estimate and complete common repairs on-site. I also do more complex reconditioning work at my home.

Humidity Control

Fluctuations in humidity are the most common cause of a piano going out of tune – and can seriously damage wooden, felt, and metal parts. I recommend protecting your expensive instrument with a humidity control system, an electronic device that is mounted discreetly on the piano and automatically humidifies/dehumidifies the air inside in order to maintain the ideal level. I am certified to install the Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver System and offer on-site installation.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Just like when buying a used car, always get a used piano inspected before you buy. I am happy to meet you wherever the piano is located to provide a thorough inspection in order to ensure that there are no significant defects that could come back in haunt you as repair or disposal costs.

Piano Life Saver System Certified Installer

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